Legacy Planning: Creating a Lasting Impact for Your Family

There’s more to legacy planning than financial considerations, so learn how to pass on your values and mission, too.

People sometimes use the terms “legacy planning” and “estate planning” interchangeably, but that isn’t accurate. Unlike estate planning, legacy planning goes beyond financial considerations; it’s about leaving a lasting impact on your family and future generations. As you navigate the complexities of estate planning, taking a proactive approach to legacy planning allows you to shape […]

Building a Legacy: Estate Planning for Couples

Estate planning for couples should include clarifying your values, goals, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Estate planning can be a difficult topic to address because it means thinking about your own mortality or that of your loved ones. However, consider that it is not just about preparing for the inevitable; it’s a powerful tool for couples to build a lasting legacy that reflects their values and ensures the financial well-being […]

Estate Planning Essentials: Preserving Your Legacy for Generations

Crafting a Comprehensive Plan to Secure Your Family’s Future Estate planning is not just about managing your assets or distributing wealth; it’s about leaving a legacy that lasts for generations. It’s a way to ensure that your hard-earned assets – and values – are preserved and passed down to your loved ones efficiently and effectively. […]

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Milestone Birthdays Guide - Birthdays Over 50 Worth Celebrating


Birthdays Over 50 Worth Celebrating

Before you start planning for retirement, make sure you put these relevant dates in your calendar. Beginning at 50 years old, there are several birthdays that are essential to be aware of as they can influence your retirement timeline and overall financial plan.

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