Jeffrey Lamar

Jeffrey Lamar


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Jeffrey Lamar- Alabama native, began his Financial Services career in 2009 after being introduced to the industry by his friend and mentor, Wilbert Hamilton, Jr. Starting his career with a top private wealth firm, he quickly transitioned to Hamilton Wealth Advisors to follow the lead of his mentor.

His charismatic professional personality allowed him to be impactful in his community in sharing the importance of financial literacy and spreading the Hamilton Wealth Advisors core value of teaching our community how to build generational wealth.

Jeffrey is a prominent alumnus of Alabama State University, where he obtained a Business Marketing degree and is recognized as one of their 50 Under 50 inductees. His higher education along with his direct industry experience in quality assurance and project management serve him well in his role as managing advisor for our Georgia Territory.

With over a decade of consulting experience he specializes in educating young professionals, business owners, and retirees on how to properly put together a financial plan and to ensure that once his clients exit the work force, they do not have to return; all while teaching them how to leave a legacy for their families.

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