Jarrett Howell

Jarrett Howell

Financial Consultant

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Every person and family deserves the knowledge and access to make their financial dreams come true, and a custom financial plan that fits their lifestyle dream.

Jarrett joined our team in 2021 after a successful career as a pro-sports consultant and basketball coach, and a professional basketball player in Europe. He found a calling as a financial advisor in order to help families,
athletes, and entertainers receive meaningful education and support across their financial lives. Today, he helps each client he serves to plan for tomorrow and build wealth that lasts for generations.

Across his support, Jarrett is solutions driven — his aim is to help improve our clients’ lives and offer access to financial opportunities they care about. He looks out for all generations of a clients’ family and financial goals, and works to coordinate their specific strategies across their different priorities. He also enjoys helping our clients become the best they can be, and he’s inspired to help them identify their dreams and turn each vision into action. Through his relationships, Jarrett fosters open communication and genuinely enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

Jarrett holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management from the University of Texas-Arlington. He and his wife, Vanessa, have two sons, Christian and Ivan. Jarrett is also a member of the prestigious Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. In his free time, he enjoys going to sporting events and music concerts, and traveling to new places. To date, he’s visited over 20 countries across Europe, Caribbean, and South America.

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